Tripling the value of a plot of land. Our client started out with a piece of land worth very little and ended up with planning permission for a two bedroom bungalow.

the challenge

Having sold a property in Cam (Dursley) our client found himself left with a small plot of land adjoining the property that the purchasers did not want to buy. Unsure whether there was scope for development he approached Anderson for some initial advice. 

The plot is enclosed on two sides by a public footpath and has a stream on the other two sides. It is also situated close to the rear of an adjacent bungalow and it is therefore important to avoid the new building being overbearing on the neighbour's property. In order to achieve planning permission we would need to overcome these challenges. This could be achieved by producing a design proposal that would be harmonious with and responded to the immediate surrounding environment. 


the solution

We always first establish whether it is going to be possible to develop a site before proposing any designs. After some initial investigations we confimed that there was scope for development and so proceeded . We used the council pre-consultation process to ensure that the planners were on-board with what we had in mind for the site before progressing too far down the line. We also carried out an extensive consultation process with immediate neighbours to achieve their approval  prior to making any formal planning application.


the result

Based on the feedback from the pre-consultation process we were able to proceed with a formal planning application. Our first challenge was to work out where to place windows on the side of the house adjoining the footpath – no one wants passers by staring into their private home. We proposed a lantern roof which lets in lots of light but retains privacy.  By incorporating a curved roof instead of a pitch one we were able to lower the height of the new building and lessen the impact that it would have on surrounding environment.  An unexpected challenge arose in relation to the stream running alongside the plot however our prompt response and positive approach to dealing with this resulted in a very favourable outcome for our client.   

This project highlights our ability to identify opportunities and achieve success on complex projects. We believe it is largely down to the approach that we take and our ability to communicate effectively with the required people involved in the process. In this case our client started out with a piece of land that was worth very little and now has planning permission for a two bedroom bungalow which will significantly increase the value of his property.


“This project highlights our ability to identify opportunities and achieve success on complex projects.”

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