A client approached us after having bought a piece of land only to find that previous planning consent had expired, moreover the land was in a designated flood area...

the challenge

A client who had been leasing commercial premises for around twenty years had found and purchased a site to create a long term base for their business. 

Only after purchase did they discover that the planning consents for residential development had expired in 2010, moreover it had been designated as a flood zone rendering the land's residential development value to nil!

Whilst our client was not seeking consent for a residential development, similar logic would be applied to granting planning for a commercial premises, with the local planning authority and the EA preferring to see new developments of this type located on land with a lower flood risk. A further challenge to be dealth with was the sites proximity to a Grade 1 Listed property know as Llanthony Secunda. 

Lastly, just as we were about to receive planning consent for the development, the Gloucestershire Highway Authority deemed that additional land was required to facilitate the widening of the north-west bypass, reducing the width of the site by at least 3 metres throughout its length. 

the solution

In order to justify development in this location the EA and the LPA required proof that the site was the only one available for development within the Gloucester City Council boundary - a tall order given the numerous sites available around Gloucester.

We demonstrated that the location of our client's top ten competitors, and their proximity to their existing and proposed sites, meant moving to any other location could impact on our client's business. We also showed that their site needed to be located on an A Classified Road. After detailed discussions it was agreed that we could provide evidence based on a reduced search area. 

The proximity to the Llanthony Secunda Grade 1 Listed site, and its prominent location on a gateway entry into the city, also meant we had to ensure that the design of the property not only satisfied our client's brief, but also met with the approval of the LPA's Conservation Officers and Urban Design. 

the result

After some discussion to revise the brief, plus some quick thinking and direct negotiations with the GHA, we managed to revise the scheme to retain the potential in the site and give our client the opportunity to negotiate a price for additional land to achieve the development that they needed for their business.

We were able to arrive at a scheme that all parties were happy with and our client now has a piece of land that is worth far more than when they first approached us to assist them with their project.


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