We offer a comprehensive range of architectural services including; measured building surveys, space planning, scheme design, planning applications and more. A full list of our services is shown below. 


Measured Building Surveys

Any project involving the alteration or extension of an existing property will require an accurate measured survey of the existing building which will enable floor plans, elevations and cross sections to be produced.  These will then be used and developed at a later date to produce scheme designs for a new project.

The above services we provide can also be utilised by estate agents, solicitors and conveyancers for commercial and residential leasehold properties. 

Principal Designer

Principal Designer

Following the amendments to the Construction Design Management Regulations on the 6th April 2015, we now offer a Principle Designer Service for all projects.

The CDM regulations 2015 now also cover all works on domestic properties unless they only involve one contractor (one trade).

The role of the Principle Designer, involves co-ordinating the project and ensuring that health and safety is considered throughout the design process and where requested this service can extend through to the construction phase of the project.

We work with a trusted partner to ensure that our clients are compliant with the ever changing Health and Safety Regulations.


Space Planning

Space planning is the precursor to any scheme design. Understanding the space requirements of the clients proposed uses within any new or existing building is essential in reaching a successful scheme design.

This service can be tailored to various commercial scenarios including office premises and hospitals.


Scheme Design

Scheme design is the evolution of the space planning phase to a more detailed interpretation of the client’s requirements, with the statutory requirements considered in more detail than the space planning stage.

This is the opportunity for a two way process with the client to evolve their scheme and design it to a point where they have what they want prior to proceeding to the next stage of the project. The next phase would usually be the planning application stage.


Planning Applications

In most cases any new build or extension to a commercial or residential property will normally require planning approval. There are exemptions from this which are covered by permitted development for both commercial and residential properties.


Permitted Developments

The planning system allows certain sized extension and alterations to both commercial and residential properties, subject to certain criteria. We offer a consultation service which follows a similar approach to that of the planning service. We do this because we feel it is essential to obtain written confirmation from the local authority on whether they feel the proposed is classed as a permitted development.  It is always important to consider this aspect as it can lead to potential problems should the property be sold in the future.


Working Drawings

We pride ourselves on the level of detail contained within our working drawing packages and can evidence this as we receive minimal queries back from building control and builders as a result. Our aim is to always produce a set of drawings that will satisfy both building control and the demands of a building contractor. All our cross sections are drawn at a minimum 1:20 scale as we feel this provides us with the opportunity to show that we know how buildings truly go together. 


Tender Documentation

Tender documentation is the evolution of the working drawings when we are asked to be involved in preparing tender documentation for certain projects. This will normally involve another layer of detail which normally relates to internal fixtures, finishes and colour scheme.

This information would be contained within schedules prepared by ourselves which would then be coordinated with the schedule of works, contract preliminaries and tender letters. 


Site Supervision

Where required we can provide varying degrees of site supervision, dependent upon the demands of the client and project. This can range from attending monthly site meetings to view the works, to attending site on a weekly basis to monitor the quality and workmanship of the works as they progress on site. 



Most properties in the UK are now registered with the land registry and therefore have the relevant conveyance plans necessary to enable them to exchange or change ownership with relative ease. However there are certain instances where conveyance plans may be required by a solicitor or conveyancer to complete a property transaction. This service would be of use to:

  • Properties that are unregistered with the land registry
  • Selling off a parcel of land
  • Separating a newly built property from the title deeds they were held within
  • Selling off a new building plot
  • For leasehold commercial properties
  • Sub-division of properties

“Matt and his team provide an efficient service that has got us results, with complicated listed planning applications. At last we have found someone we don't have to chase and always makes himself available. ”

Catherine Twine Managing Director Supported Independence Ltd