With commercial property developers our focus is always on delivering against a project’s requirements and budget whilst providing a highly responsive, proactive and personal service. 

1. Enquiry

Normally the size of a piece of land or existing building will dictate the level of development it can accommodate. However it is also important to consider the surrounding land uses and planning policies that may well restrict what can be achieved. We can carry out a feasibility study prior to purchase, this can assist a developer to establish whether the piece of land or building is worth investing in in the first place.

2. Measured survey

A commercial project may require a measured building survey for a conversion of an existing property, a topographical survey for a new build project or a combination of both. 

3. Scheme proposal

The needs of a commercial developers vary from one project to another and we find that this can be an evolutionary stage; if you are converting existing buildings we can provide scheme proposals, if you are considering a new build we can produce site plans and floor plans. We can do as much or as little as you require, subject to the stage at which you involve us.

4. Planning

Requirements for the planning application process can be onerous for commercial developers. Our trusted partners provide us with all the required information to allow us to make the correct initial application and adopt the best possible strategy. Discharge of planning conditions – we understand this is particularly important for developers as this ensures a smooth transition from receiving planning approval to starting on site work.

5. Detailed Design

We provide detailed construction drawings that a builder can both price accurately against and build from, and achieve a building regulations approval notice with very few conditions. This helps assure builders that they have an accurate set of plans to work with and reduces the risk of additional costs.

6. Build Process

We can provide a bespoke service to suite client requirements or we can offer a full post contract service if the client and project requires it.

“The practice is extremely thorough in their design to Healthcare standards, whether it is for the design of a car park, a minor injuries unit or an end-of-like suite, their attention to detail has been spot on. ”

Paul Williams - Head of Capital Planning, Dorset Healthcare